Cycling Assessment & Bike-Fit

PC Physio Bike-Fit Summary

Cycling is one of few sports with such a unique mould of the 'human machine' with an external device.  This means in order to maximise performance and minimise pain the set up of the bike to your body is essential.

Our bodies are all unique, and everybody has a  different build, strengths and weaknesses. 

At PC Physio we take into account the individual as well as the bike, and blend this together to optimise your performance and minimise injury

Part I: Musculoskeletal Screening

The first hour consists of a comprehensive assessment of your bodies strengths and weakness.

This involves discussion of any old or existing injuries, strength testing, joint mobility and muscle length assessment. All of these things are completed in a structured manner to develop a suitable plan for exercise management and lead into the second hour involving bike measurement/adjustment and riding analysis.

Part II: Bike Fit and Video Analysis

The second hour consists of the specific measurement of the individuals leg length and primary considerations for riding. These are then compared to the current lengths and specific measurements on your bike. How you measure up to your bike is crucial to how you perform on the bike, and also your risk of injury.

We also complete a comprehensive video analysis on our indoor trainer. Using the latest video analysis software, we are able to thoroughly assess joint angles, and give advice on necessary adjustment to achieve optimal joint positioning.


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