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PC Physio Shop Catalogue

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Vasyli Orthotics

PC Physio stocks the well-known and highly effective Vasyli branded Orthotics. With support for both arches of the feet, and with a generally softer feel to most other orthotics on the market.

These Orthoses are fitted by our trained Physiotherapists, with customised supports put into place as clinically indicated.

We supply both full length and half length - which allow for fitting in both regular footwear such as runners, and also dress shoes such as RM Williams.

Price varies from $60-70, and may be claimed on private health.

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ObusForme 'High Back' Support

The ObusForme - high back support is one of the best ergonomically designed full length back supports avaialble.

It can be easily set up in the car, office chair, or your favourite chair at home.

It follows the contours of all areas of the spine and allows for more comfort when having to be exposed to prolonged positioning and sitting.

The clinic can order various other types of supports that may be more suitable, and cost effective.

Price $210

Rollers and massage devices

Foam Roller

Large (90cm x 15cm) $50

Medium (45cm x 15cm) $40

LockerRoom Posture pro




Massage Ball


Peanut massage


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TENS machine
(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

TENS is a safe and effective non-pharmacological pain relief option for many pain conditions. It can be used for a variety of issues such as; low back during pregnancy, shoulder pain, back pain - often in conjunction with other modes of therapy.

You can purchase or loan a TENS unit out through the practice. Our therapists can set up the machine to enable safe and the most effective use.


$75 to buy

$20 for weekly loan

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