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PC Physio Services

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  • Manual and Manipulative Therapy 

  • Exercise Management - individually tailored exercise and gym programs 

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

  • Bikefit Cycle Assessment

  • Jaw and Facial pain (TMJ)

  • Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Physiotherapy

  • Orthotic correction

  • Myofascial treatment (manual and 'dry needling')

  • Sports Injuries

  • Work Injuries

  • Back and Neck problems

  • Posture evaluation 

  • Management of Chronic Pain / Persistent Pain

  • Comprehensive range of braces (including CAM walker boots), postural support, splints 

  • Casting/plaster of fractures – casts include synthetic, colours & waterproof. 

  • Chest / Respiratory Physiotherapy

Manipulative and Manual Therapy
Musculoskeletal Injuries

Manual and Manipulative Therapy

PC Physio prides itself on performing the highest quality manual therapy in alleviating pain, facilitating movement and accelerating recovery.

Paul Clarke specialises in what is known as 'Nordic Manual Therapy', a powerful assessment and treatment technique system which is rigorous in assessment and highly specific in treatment.

All Physiotherapists at PC Physio utilise these effective Nordic techniques. We utilise these techniques especially in the management of pelvic (sacro-iliac), low back (lumbar), mid-back (thoracic), and neck (cervical) issues pain.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

We are experienced in assessing and managing a variety of injuries which are classified under the 'Musculoskeletal' banner. A term used to describe injuries stemming from the muscles and/or skeleton.

We take our time to perform a comprehensive assessment, ensuring accurate diagnoses and guiding us into the most effective management plan. Our specialist areas in management include both manual therapy and exercise prescription to get you back on track.

Exercise Prescripton
Prevention and Wellness

Exercise Prescription 

PC Physio is a huge advocate for movement and physical activity with a wealth of experience in exercise prescription. From managing injuries and restoring function, to general exercise prescription for weight loss, sports goals or just general well being.

This process is often a continuum for many people attending physiotherapy. First to manage a particular injury, leading into a more comprehensive rehab program and 'maintenance'. Often this is then established further into a whole body exercise program tailored to your goals and needs.

Prevention and Wellness

Working with people who are proactive and looking for advice and exercise ideas when they are well is of huge benefit. It allows us to work with you, without pain. We can get a good understanding of your 'normal' or 'baseline' movement, and identify things for you to work on aiming to prevent injury.

We work together with you to establish goals and develop a realistic, individualised plan.  

Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Exercise
Custm Fitted Orthodics

Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Exercise


Utilising water to perform exercises that would otherwise be too painful or difficult on 'the land' is a great way commence or progress your rehab. Our physiotherapists regularly lead hydrotherapy sessions and are able to develop a versatile, well round water program for your injury management or health goals.

Custom Fitted Orthotics

Our physiotherapists are experienced and skilled in the fitting of 'Vasyli' Orthotics. Following a comprehensive assessment we then fit, and heat mould in order to customise the orthotics to you.

Orthotics are used commonly to address and assist with correcting underlying biomechanical causes of pain and dysfunction. Many conditions such as plantar fascia pain, bursitis, arthritis, as well as knee and hip pain can all benefit from well fitted orthotics.

Bikefit Cycle Assessment

PC Physio works closely with both the cycling and running community. Our Bikefit process is based off well known cycling guru - Trish Wisbey-Roth's course and can be broken down into two fundamental areas:

1. A 'musculoskeletal' (body) screen

2. Assessment of you with your bike and video analysis

After assessing the 'human machine' we establish the strengths, weaknesses and any pre-existing injuries. We then develop a list of recommendations for you to address any existing injury, or minimise risk risk AND optimise performance.

Click here for more details.

Bikefit Cycle Assessment

Jaw and Facial Pain

Paul has specialised expertise in the assessment and management in 'TMJ' (Temporomandibular Joint - The Jaw) problems and facial pain. Pain in the jaw and face is often pain from active 'trigger points' from muscles in the face and neck.

Physiotherapy can help you with various issues ranging from 'locking'/clicking and chewing problems.

We work in closely with both dentists and Ear Nose and Throat Specialists (ENT).

Jaw and Facial
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