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Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

PC Physio utilises a state of the art ultrasound machine to assist both patients and therapists with muscle re-training and visualisation of our complex anatomy. 

We commonly use this effective training tool to for:

- Deep abdominal exercises (commonly referred to as the 'core', or 'transverse abdominus')

Often this is utilised after abdominal and pelvic surgery; long term back; post natal back pain and pelvic pain

- Shoulder / rotator cuff visualisation

- Deep hip / gluteal retraining

It is often used a starting point to establish control and awareness of certain muscle groups, that will then facilitate more comprehensive rehabilitation exercises.

Additional time may be required to best utilise this tool, and may incur additional costs - your therapist will talk to you about this prior to its use. If it is something of interest, enquire today or ask your therapist for more information.

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